Fabric/ Leather Sales
We carry samples from multiple companies. Fabric
books may be checked out so that you may take
them home to find the perfect fabric to compliment
the rest of your room.
Burch / JKB
CF Stinson
Delta Fabrics
Fabricut / S Harris
Great Lakes
GH / Anna Elisabeth
Robert Allen (charges
$12 per memo)
RM Coco
STS / Southern Textile
Unique Fine Fabrics
We work with
suppliers of
leather hides:
We carry a range of fabric types
* Residential & Commercial grades *
* Leather - half & full hides
* Medical grade vinyl *
* Indoor/Outdoor fabric *
* Velvets *
* Micro-fibers *
* Suedes *
* Chenilles *
* Faux Leathers *
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Custom Built
Custom Furniture Works: 6727 Manchester Ave - St Louis MO 63139  --  314-644-0460 / 636-230-0088
Here is a general guide if you are
choosing to use leather rather
than fabric. If you know the
required yardage for your piece,
simply translate it into square feet
needed and you will know what
size hide to get. Hides usually run
between 40 - 60 sq ft. When
working with hides there are
many areas that must be worked
around (eye holes, barb wire
scratches, etc.) so it's always
best to get a little larger than you
actually need. Also, if you choose
to supply us with your own
leather, be sure that you have
purchased an upholstery-grade
leather, not a leather meant for
clothing or purses etc.
1 yd - 18 sq ft
2 yds - 36 sq ft
3 yds - 54 sq ft
4 yds - 72 sq ft
5 yds - 90 sq ft
6 yds - 108 sq ft
7 yds - 126 sq ft
8 yds - 144 sq ft
9 yds - 162 sq ft
10 yds - 180 sq ft
11 yds - 198 sq ft
12 yds - 216 sq ft
13 yds - 234 sq ft
14 yds - 252 sq ft
15 yds - 270 sq ft
16 yds - 288 sq ft
Below is a list of some of the fabric companies
that we have an account with. We carry a
variety of sample books from them as well as
others. You are welcome to check some books
out to take home so you can see how the
fabrics work in your home. Feel free to browse
their websites to look for fabrics. (I've only
linked the companies that seem to have
user-friendly sites).

If you find some that you like, simply let me
know the company, pattern, and color and I
would be happy to check the availability &
current cost. If we don't have that book in our
shop, we can order a sample swatch so you
can see it in person. (Most companies offer this
for n/c ... but a couple do charge $5 - $12 per
memo sample - we would let you know prior to
placing the order).
Alphapelli, LTD
Casper Hill
Garrett Leather  
*Roden Leather
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6727 Manchester Ave - St Louis MO 63139 (phone: 314-644-0460) (email: cfwgibbs@hotmail.com)
Our lines from Casper Hill are
not shown on their website.
However, we have sample rings
in our shop for you to see,
** You are welcome to come browse the fabric books. I will ask that you please call to schedule an appointment
to do so. We are trying to allow only 1 person/family in the front office at a time. We are setting the
appointments M-F either 9-11am OR 1-4pm. You could arrive anytime within those time frames.

** We do not require you to purchase your fabric through us. We will happily use your fabric that you supply to
us. Just be sure that we give you the yardage requirement before you purchase it.

** We do not clean fabric / upholstery. We would refer you to a company such as Woodards - 314-961-9102

** We do not touch up or repair leather or vinyl. We would refer you to Fibrenew (Chris is the owner of this
branch and does amazing work!) His website says "St Louis City", but he goes all over for appointments.